Professional Rewrite Class

Class Type: Professional
Weeks: 10
01/30/17 - 04/03/17
Price: $350

Class Schedule

In 10 weeks, you'll go through the steps of a professional rewrite. If you want to place high in a major contest or need to do a rewrite before sending your script to agents, managers, or producers, this class will give you the tools to do it.


QUALITY comes from elevating the key components of your script.

To truly create an amazing screenplay, you need to work in a NON-LINEAR fashion -- improving each major component of your script, starting with the largest (story) and moving to the smallest (words).

You'll rebuild your script from the inside out, working on one component at a time. Our progression is:

  1. story
  2. characters
  3. scenes
  4. openings and endings
  5. dialogue
  6. description
  7. wordsmithing

With each assignment, you'll improve important parts of your script, exchange feedback with other writers, and elevate the overall quality of your story.

The days of this TEN WEEK program are listed above. You'll take two steps per week and spend the time between lessons elevating one part of your script. By the time the process is finished, you'll have the best screenplay you've ever sent to a contest or an agent.

As you're thinking about that, consider one simple question: What percentage of the scripts that come into contests have been through all these processes? Maybe 1%. That is why this class will give you an advantage over the vast majority of scripts submitted to the upcoming contests. It will also prepare you for the quality level that is required of professionals.

If you are dedicated to succeeding as a screenwriter, this class will make a huge difference for you.