Write a Screenplay in 30 Days With The Mini-Movie Method

Regular $297, Early Bird $267


The Mini-Movie Method offers a simple, yet profound structure that can turn any story into a transformational journey!

During the MMM class, you'll:

  1. Learn the Mini-Movie Method in much greater detail.
  2. Write a screenplay in 30 days.
  3. Understand how to create the transformational journey for your lead character.  

We'll do this step-by-step, with daily motivation, and daily writing.  

And at the end of just 30 days, you’ll have a completed screenplay!

Here’s Why It’s the Perfect Class for Beginners:

You’ll learn a fast and easy way to write.
We’ll take you through every Mini-Movie one-step-at-a time.
You’ll avoid one of the biggest obstacles facing most new screenwriters: getting stuck on structure.

And Even More Perfect for Advanced Screenwriters:

Add the profound, yet simple Mini-Movie Method to your toolbox.
Achieve new breakthroughs on your current script every day 
with each new lesson as you complete a strong draft in 30 days.
AND you’ll also get complete breakdowns of all 8 Mini-Movies for top box office hits such as District 9 and The Sting. 

You Love This Or You Get It Free

If you don’t absolutely love this class after the first five days, you’ll get 100% of your money back — GUARANTEED.

PLUS, You’ll Get These Bonuses:

Bonus #1 Screenwriter’s Toolkit: A 15-page guide to all the screenwriting basics: format, character development and scene structure.
Bonus #2 Analysis of how the Mini-Movie method is used to elevate smash hit films in every major genre such as The Hangover, The Proposal and Unknown.
Bonus #3 A special free Rewrite Teleconference at the end of the class that focuses on how to take your script’s Mini-Movies to an even higher level.
Location:  Online
Price:  Regular $297, Special $267

Days of the Class:

  1. Day 1:  What is a Story?
  2. Day 2:  Discovering Your Main Characters
  3. Day 3: Create Your Mini-Movie Structure
  4. Day 4:  Mini-Movie #1 Beat Sheet
  5. Day 5:  Write Your Mini-Movie #1 Scenes!
    Day 5:  Hope/Fear Scene from THE KING'S SPEECH
  6. Day 6:  Mini-Movie #1 Completion and Edit
  7. Day 7:  BONUS**  – Mini Movie Breakdown of ARGO
  8. Day 8:  Mini-Movie #2 Structure and Beat Sheet
  9. Day 9:  Start Writing Mini-Movie #2 Scenes
  10. Day 10:  Finish First Draft of MM #2
  11. Day 11:  Mini-Movie #3 Structure and Beat Sheet 
  12. Day 12:  Start Writing Mini-Movie #3 Scenes
  13. Day 13: BONUS**  – Mini Movie Breakdown – TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE
  14. Day 14:  Finish First Draft of MM #3
  15. Day 15:  Mini-Movie #4 Structure and Beat Sheet 
  16. Day 16:  Start Writing Mini-Movie #4 Scenes
  17. Day 17 :  Finish First Draft of MM #4
  18. Day 18:  Mini-Movie #5 Structure and Beat Sheet 
  19. Day 19:  BONUS**  – Mini Movie Breakdown – ALIEN
  20. Day 20: Start Writing Mini-Movie #5 Scenes
  21. Day 21:  Finish First Draft of MM 5
  22. Day 22:  Mini-Movie #6 Structure and Beat Sheet 
  23. Day 23: Start Writing Mini-Movie #6 Scenes
  24. Day 24:  Finish First Draft of MM 6
  25. Day 25:  BONUS**  – Mini Movie Breakdown — THE BUTLER
  26. Day 26:  Mini-Movie #7 Structure and Beat Sheet 
  27. Day 27:  Start Writing Mini-Movie #7 Scenes
  28. Day 28:  Finish First Draft of MM #7
  29. Day 29:  Mini-Movie #8 Structure and Beat Sheet 
  30. Day 30:  Write Mini-Movie #8 Scene


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