All ScreenwritingU.com classes are conducted online in the most flexible form we could find — a combination of email and forums.

The basic structure is this:

  1. Everyday of a class, you’ll receive a lesson with an assignment.
  2. In most cases, you have 24 hours to complete the assignment.
  3. Once complete, you’ll post in the forums.
  4. Then, you read how the other writers used that day’s technique in their own unique way.

Most of the classes are designed in 10-day units that allow you to immerse yourself into a specific area of screenwriting and gain a deep understanding of it. If you are unable to complete the assignment in the alloted time, don’t worry. You’ll see that we have students from all over the world posting at different times and a different pace. Work at the pace that works for you and your writing style. ***

No. That’s why we use email and the forums. All you have to do is check email after 6 PM Pacific time and you’ll have the day’s lesson.

Then, you do it any time during the day. Can’t be easier than that, can it?

Two major differences:

A. Our focus is creating MARKETABLE screenwriting. That means that every program we deliver will provide insights into how to make your script as marketable as possible.

Our objective: Scripts that are irresistible to producers.

You’ll see immediately that our classes aren’t the garden-variety classes taught by retired English teachers. We don’t spend time telling you how to format your script or how to use correct grammar. All of those are important, but they don’t get a script sold.

There are nine components to a Highly Marketable script. They are:

  1. A marketable concept.
  2. Roles and relationships that are appealing to A-list actors.
  3. A compelling conflict that grips us throughout the script.
  4. An intriguing opening that demands we read the entire script.
  5. Fascinating scenes and moments.
  6. Depth and subtext that engages the mind.
  7. An emotional roller coaster.
  8. Extremely well written
  9. A flexible writer committed to the success of the project.

B. This program is designed to give you a profound learning experience.

Besides being a writer/producer, Hal Croasmun spent 18 years designing training programs for Fortune 500 corporations. These programs have been specifically designed to cause learning in 14 ways, including:

  • Information about the skill.
  • Writing a scene using that day’s skill.
  • Rewriting the scene to incorporate new ideas and learning.
  • Reading the other writer’s scenes.
  • Breakthroughs that occur throughout the process.
  • Training the unconscious to generate ideas daily.
  • Gaining a healthy perspective on performance anxiety. And others

So you’ll be learning through information, through writing, and through seeing how others write their scenes. Keep in mind that the information you receive is a small part of the learning process. It’s purpose is to highlight that skill so you can improve your abilities in that area.

You can see our students’ successes at our Alumni Successes page.

At the conclusion of each class, we ask the participants to fill out an evaluation. Consistently, our classes are rated a 9 or better on a 1 to 10 scale.

Two places:

On this site. You can find them by going to our Classes page.

You can also see them in the ScreenwritingU newsletter that goes out every two weeks. Subscribe here.

Although some of the classes have critiques as part of their learning structure, these classes are not about critiquing the content of your screenplays. They are about dramatically improving your screenwriting and your ability to market the finished product.

You can get critiques almost anywhere. What matters here is learning all you can so you can elevate your writing to a marketable level.

The reason screenwriters focus on critiques is because it was the main source of learning in most screenwriting classes. So you really want to become a better screenwriter? That is what these classes do.

In the High Concept class and Marketing Your Screenplay class, you receive critiques from the instructor because these class are directly about marketing your script.

In all other classes, you receive a critique from the group members on your final assignment.

As is said above, we look at everyone’s work who goes through our classes, but we only work with those who are ready for this market. Remember, this is an extremely competitive market and it is not advisable to enter it until you are truly ready.

When we see writers who we believe to be at the level of the market, we approach them to discuss ways of working together.

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