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Intro-class to Pro-series 62

I learned more in the 4 hour teleconference than I have known about the business in over a decade. Can’t wait to begin the lessons.

William Sowles (ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program)

Profound Screenwriter Class

Thank you very much for all of the lessons you’ve given in this class. I now have a more in depth understanding of how to make a story profound and meaningful. I will be incorporating the methods from this class in my future stories to come.

Leslie Kennedy (Writing the Profound Screenplay)

Best screenwriting class

Wow! What a class and the insights learned. It was simple to follow with the examples, and the movie selections highlighted the profound map. Without the map, there was really no way to hang the structure of the movie. It certainly goes beyond thinking within the 3 act structure and character diamonds so popularly taught. By thinking in terms of the transformational journey and structuring using the mini movie sequence, firm foundations can be laid for writing the script. This writing journey was a real eye opener for a novice searching for a way to begin and end. It is a must course for both the beginner and experienced screenwriters.

Anna Marie Hernandez (Writing the Profound Screenplay)

For Novelists, too!

The Profound Screenplay Class will spur creativity in SO many ways, and on SO many levels, helping a writer find the Profound Truth of their story, constructing it clearly, and cementing it in the end. The result will be a wonderful template to aid in the writing of your story, in novel OR screenplay form. Extremely valuable to every writer, no matter the discipline.

Robin F. Gainey (Writing the Profound Screenplay)

Ultra High-Speed Rewrite

I’m a rejuvenated writer who might have quit. Instead, I’m networking and rewriting with breakthroughs every day. Pro Series 57 showed me my life. I wouldn’t have had a chance without it. I would never have known who or how to target, or how to make my High Concept scripts marketable, or how crucial those things are! I use the Philosophy Tips every day! Always write to make a sale. I used to be overwhelmed and trailing behind, now, I’m driving a high-speed train! Also, I re-took the Ultra High-Speed Rewrite Class last Saturday. It was mind-blowing how much more I got out of it! Thank you so much Hal and ScreenwritingU! I did not get the Evaluation Sheet email, guess bugs aren’t out of mine yet, and I wanted you to know it’s a fantastic class. I got it! Taking a new point of view by setting aside obsession with perfectionism for a different process by simply following the principles of speed. I’ll keep the pyramid handy every time I rewrite!

Christinne Bley (ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program)

ProSeries 45B

I am a ProSeries 45B alumni. The class was amazing and helped me understand the writing process and the importance of treating writing as a business. As with any profession, one must learn the basics, which include the rules. Writing is no different and should never be treated as a game of chance. Anyone hoping to break into this very competitive industry MUST learn the rules. Take a ProSeries Class and follow up with a Mater Class. I did…

Deborah A. Wilson (ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program)

Best Decision For My Script…And Me

I entered ProSeries 51. I have to say I was pretty worried it wouldn’t help. So imagine my shock when I had improvements after just the first module. I’ll never forget that first call where I “pitched” my concept and the reaction was “So…now what?”. I didn’t have an answer! The character class is really where I knew I made the right decision though. By the time I had finished that and added the story skills…I couldn’t believe just how much better my script was. And you know what else? I took time off for a year to work on my script on my own but the ProSeries lessons were always in my head making my script better. I was so thrilled with how the ProSeries improved my writing I actually joined one of the Masterclasses. If you’re passionate and serious about it, and you have a really good story and you need to know how to tell it best…I recommend this class for sure. You will create a great script with these skills.

Brian Spero, Jr (ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program)

MMM 11 is a demanding exercise in screenwriting well worth the effort

The Mini-Movie Method by ScreenwritingU ties together the many of the techniques in the screenwriting books on my shelf and encapsulates them as the mini-movies that drive a satisfying movie from title page to the critical review. I am catching up with my homework and am pleased with the content and execution of this class.

Lanie Adamson (Write a Screenplay in 30 Days With The Mini-Movie Method)

The Profound course made all of the difference for me.

The Profound course of ScreenwritingU transformed me from knowing only formatting and little else. I learned things existed that I didn’t know existed.

Parke Sellard (Writing the Profound Screenplay)

Wanna be a pro?

Just two weeks into the Master Screenwriting Certificate class and last week, inspired by the day’s lesson, I emailed a producer contact I only vaguely knew and asked to pick her brains about where to go with my projects. She arranged a Skype meeting, and by the end of that she’d requested four of my feature scripts. Every step of the way through that 40 minute conversation, I felt like Hal and Cheryl Croasmun were holding my hands and guiding me. Every question the producer asked me, about my loglines, scripts, strengths, the direction I want my career to take – anything she threw at me, I could answer off-the-cuff easily, calmly and confidently, and know I wasn’t screwing up my chances. That only reason for that is all I’ve learned through ScreenwritingU during the ProSeries, and since then through various other classes and belonging to the super-supportive ProSeries Alumni. A career relies on so much more than writing, and without the classes I’ve done in the past and am doing now, I sincerely doubt I would have had the guts or the credibility to achieve what I have so far. I truly cannot recommend ScreenwritingU highly enough.

Margaret Riseley (Master Screenwriter Certificate)


The ScreenwritingU approach to screenwriting AND instruction is excellent. From the ProSeries to the Master Screenwriter Certificate program I have learned so much more than I would have without them. I heard great things about SU before I started, and now I am one of the one’s others will hear it from – if your goal is a career as screenwriter, or you want to up your game, this is the place.

JD Oppen (Master Screenwriter Certificate)

I’m BLOWN away!

It’s hard to put into words how much ScreenwritingU has done for me and how thrilled I am that I started on the journey. I decided to take the PS (ProSeries) class a few years back just to refresh my writing. I had been in the business a long time and had a bit of success, so I didn’t really think I needed a class. What I learned in the PSA class really opened my eyes to an easier, faster and much more interesting way of writing. I jumped right into the Rewrite class, the Comedy class, the Quality Enhancement class and the MMM class. All of them amazing! They taught me more than I could have dreamed of. I then decided to get on board for the MSC class and I’m BLOWN away! Hal makes everything so easy, no pressure, just tons of great information and ways to spur on the imagination. When we came to the marketing phase I realized; I can do this… even though I’m the kind of person who rather sit in my cave and write. Also, the support Hal and Cheryl gives is never ending… and I mean never ending. I’ve had Hal help me out, messaging me, close to midnight when I’ve had a problem with a contract. I don’t think he ever sleeps. Success is becoming a reality for me, thanks to ScreenwritingU, Hal and Cheryl! Thank you!!

Lena Pousette (Master Screenwriter Certificate)

Hundreds of Deals!

Plain and simple: writers who have taken ScreenwritingU courses have made hundreds of deals. Why? Because Hal and Cheryl Croasmun’s courses are genius, and the care they take with students is extraordinary. Classes utilize a common sense strategy of continuous incremental improvement. In the ProSeries, I learned hundreds of specific skills covering every facet of constructing a screenplay. Breakthroughs occurred with such regularity that they became routine. The Rewrite course overlaid an entirely new set of processes for elevating quality. And the Profound class raises the perspective of the screenwriting landscape even further. In the Master Class, I’m learning about the integration of writing with the business of marketing. Now, for the first time, I see a pathway to success. And I owe it all to Hal and Cheryl. Believe it: they will get you there.

Chris Nusbaum (Master Screenwriter Certificate)

ProSeries Rocks!!

I’m a recent graduate of ProSeries50 here at SU, and the amount of information Hal gives, and the organization of that info, is remarkable. I got in the habit of printing out every assignment, and my response to it – by the end of the class, I had 3 THREE-INCH BINDERS FILLED with knowledge I’d gained from the class – and a finished script I’m pretty damned proud of. THANK YOU HAL, for giving it straight, and making me feel for the first time like I KNOW how to succeed in this industry.

Bobby Sacher (ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program)

ProSeries rocket fuel

I came in with a solid understanding of story from my career as a fiction writer, but I wanted to improve my grasp of screenwriting structure and the industry. Got that, but also… I was blown away by how much my understanding of story improved by leaps and bounds. Hal encourages his writers to have “breakthroughs” and, as long as they’re applying themselves, they do.

Terry Hayman (ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program)

An Amazing Journey!

This class gives the screenwriter a wonderful opportunity to gain confidence, learn new skills, network with kind and encouraging fellow writers and find his or her unique voice. It allows you to think in new ways, discover new techniques and write from a place of freedom and inspiration.

Tali Sarnetzky (ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program)

Profound Screenwriter’s Class is well-named…

…because it truly is PROFOUND! This one class has helped me locate a lot of important SUBSTANCE for my 1st draft in the ProSeries. I had so many skills to learn in the ProSeries that when I arrived at the Profound Screenwriter’s class, it seemed I’d found the many reasons I wanted to become a professional screenwriter. Hal and Cheryl are very smart teachers who are also gentle and encouraging when I become over-whelmed. Now that I’m in the MSC 4 program, I’m beginning to see that one day–in a year or so–I can become an A-List Screenwriter. Thanks to Hal & Cheryl Croasman

Trudie Plunket (Writing the Profound Screenplay)

Be the writer Producers are looking for!

ScreenwritingU has elevated my writing skills beyond what I had imagined or hoped for. The ProSeries taught me more than mere writing but an analysis of elements that go into a successful script that creates a solid story, subtext and character. Those skills advanced my scripts through several contests improving my credibility as a writer. Additional courses including the Comedy and Mini Movie Method, continue to build additional layers and dimension to these skills. Currently, I am in the Master Screenwriter Certification program and it has profoundly changed my writing, enabling me to secure three writing assignments in 2014. The program has provided me a level of professionalism that is recognized by my producers. I handle notes with ease, understanding the business decisions that are made throughout the process. I know how to provide solutions that move projects forward. I would never have achieved this level of quality without Hal, Cheryl and the phenomenal writers of the ScreenwritingU alumni.

JoAnn Hess (Master Screenwriter Certificate)

A Clear Path to Success

I have now taken almost every course ScreenwritingU has to offer. I began with the Mini Movie Method in 2012, which enabled me to complete my first paid writing assignment on time. I then continued with Advanced Dialogue course followed by several others and eventually signed up for the ProSeries. I am now in the Master Screenwriter’s Certification course and am thrilled with the level of professionalism, the program structure, and most importantly, the results! The quality of my writing and understanding of the craft has increased exponentially – my confidence is high enough to banter with the seasoned pros – my screenplays are placing in contests and… my career has been launched!

Scott Fales (Master Screenwriter Certificate)

Elevate Your Writing -From Concept To Execution To Marketing

From concept to execution to marketing, the ProSeries moves your writing forward. There are many outstanding writing classes and workshops available, as well as a multitude of books and podcasts. The ProSeries, however, offers unique tools that help you understand the film industry, the market for screenplays, and how to tackle writing assignments. You will not find a better value than the ScreenwritingU ProSeries.

Robert Cartland (ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program)

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