Our Method

Advanced Training That Creates Advanced Results

People often ask why ScreenwritingU Alumni writers make so many screenwriting deals (options, sales, writing assignments, representation, etc.).  Here’s why..

At Screenwriting U we do more than teach writers, we build careers.

We Start With An Exceptional Training Design Process

It’s called “EXPERT MODELING.”   To design our classes, we bring three key components together:

  1. An important problem that screenwriters have and need a solution for.
  2. A series of expert interviews where we get the answers and strategies that writers need.
  3. A method of designing the class in a way that is simple, yet profound, and focuses on exact “how-to’s” you can apply immediately.

Each class focuses on a specific model — and solves key problems that writers have when trying to write a truly great script.

We do the Best Research

For each of our classes, we go straight to the INDUSTRY, interviewing the experts and decision makers.  In over 700 interviews, we asked the exact questions you need to know the answers to.  Questions like:  What causes a producer to buy a script?  How can you get access to agents and managers?  What does it take to get paid writing assignments?  What causes a producer to work with the same writer over and over again?

During those interviews, we’ve discovered the key strategies, skills, and solutions that can get writers inside this system and can cause success for you!

Here are a few examples of the basic research we did:

  • For the “How to Get An Agent” class, we interviewed 120 agents and managers in Los Angeles.
  • For the “Creating Roles for Movie Stars” class, we interviewed the Presidents of 32 top Actors production companies.
  • For the 6-month “ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program,” we interviewed over 500 producers and 30 A-List screenwriters in L.A..

Those interviews bring solutions, strategies, and deep wisdom to ScreenwritingU classes.

We Constantly Have Alumni Writers Making Deals

ScreenwritingU Alumni have made over 150 deals in the last two years.  Every week, we walk another writer through the process of breaking into this industry.

So we have a tremendous amount of experience helping writers get through their first deal, WHICH IS WHAT YOU NEED.   With each deal that we coach a writer through, we gain even more understanding of what it takes for other writers to succeed.  You get the benefit of that experience.

See those screenwriting success stories.

We Provide High Level Support For Our Alumni

We support our Alumni in a huge way — coaching, mentoring, producer meetings, advanced classes, and an amazing community that is focused on helping each other break into this industry.

  • Coaching and mentoring to ensure they’re ready for the industry.
  • Advanced Coverage that provides an industry perspective and exact solutions to make their screenplay great.
  • Three times a year, we do Producer Meetings where we introduce 20 of our writers to 20 producers.
  • Advanced classes that are only available to SU Alumni.
  • An amazing community that is focused on helping each other break into the industry.

ScreenwritingU is Recognized By The Industry

Here’s what industry sites say about ScreenwritingU:

  • InkTip.com named ScreenwritingU their “#1 Choice for Screenwriting Classes.”
  • Script Magazine listed us #1 in the “Top 9 Online Screenwriting Classes.”

Now that you know all of that,
you should join ScreenwritingU classes!

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