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White God is an independent Hungarian film about a girl who becomes separated from her pet dog when she’s forced to give him up. The dog – although...

It is the easiest mistake to make in screenplay dialogue -- having your characters tell exactly what is going on in their emotions and thoughts.  ...

If you ask most people about what the ending is supposed to do, you'll likely hear the words "wrap it up."  Without a doubt, that is a very basic r...

ScreenwritingU Alum Shane Joseph Willis (ProSeries 33) has been hired by Producer Marlane Ghmed of

ScreenwritingU Alum CK Steefel (ProSeries 47, MSC 3) has her comedy PTA WARS optioned by producer Max Czertok of

ScreenwritingU Alum, Kevin Ash (ProSeries 44, MSC 3 ) screenplay DEAD

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Advertisers say "sex sells," but in the movie business, many readers, producers, actors enjoy good comedy more than sex in screenplays.

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  The Mini-Movie Method offers a simple, yet profound structure that can turn any story into a transformational journey!

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Six month online class that covers 300 professional level skills, as you write the best script of your life so far.

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I interviewed over 200 producers, asking them about how they pitched, how they wanted to be pitched to, and what worked and didn't work in Query Letters.