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33 Ways To Sell Your Screenplay

Do you have an idea about creating an expansive world for your screenplay? Perhaps you want to invent a world as massive as Harry Potter or Lord of...

If you ask most people about what the ending is supposed to do, you'll likely hear the words "wrap it up."  Without a doubt, that is a very basic r...

How do you get an A-list actor to fall in love with your characters?

I spent a year interviewing major actor's p...

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ScreenwritingU Alum Drew Foerster (ProSeries 17, MSC 1) has his teen comedy SEVEN TEDLY SINS optioned by Producer

ScreenwritingU Alum Isabel Holtreman Baldree (ProSeries35, MSC 2)  has been hired to do a rewrite by producer Vahe' Mansourian. of Lucine Distribution.

ScreenwritingU Alum Don Macnab-Stark (ProSeries 6) has been hired by

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Ever had a movie change your life?  If so, you know that it is possible for someone to write a profound screenplay...  
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If you’re like most screenwriters, you’re likely confused about subtext. You know you need it in your script. You may be able to recognize it in a professional screenplay.

04/20/15 to 05/3/15

How do you get a producer, agent, manager, or A-list actor to fall in love with your characters? Learn the 9 Actor Attractors!

05/4/15 to 05/13/15

Advertisers say "sex sells," but in the movie business, many readers, producers, actors enjoy good comedy more than sex in screenplays.