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First time writer/director John Maclean had always been inspired by the western genre. Being a Scotsman as he describes himself, he feel in love wi...

It is the easiest mistake to make in screenplay dialogue -- having your characters tell exactly what is going on in their emotions and thoughts.  ...

If you ask most people about what the ending is supposed to do, you'll likely hear the words "wrap it up."  Without a doubt, that is a very basic r...

ScreenwritingU Alum Barbe LaPierre (ProSeries 35, MSC 2) has been hired by La Quay Productions to write 

ScreenwritingU Alum Drew Foerster (ProSeries 17, MSC 1) has his thriller DEAD LANGUAGES optioned by Producer Carey Borth.

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I interviewed over 200 producers, asking them about how they pitched, how they wanted to be pitched to, and what worked and didn't work in Query Letters.

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In 10 weeks, you'll go through the steps of a professional rewrite. If you want to place high in a major contest or need to do a rewrite before sending your script to agents, managers, or producers, this class will give you the tools to do it.

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