Screenwriting success. It starts with a strong script – but it’s more than that. From beginning with a marketable concept, to knowing how to sell your script, success in this industry requires a specific set of skills beyond writing. Screenwriting U is the only online school that will teach you everything you need to know to create both a powerful script and a successful career! LEARN MORE more

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We mean serious business.  At ScreenwritingU, you can learn to:
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     - Make your first...or tenth deal in this industry.
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The private life of physicist Stephen Hawking comes alive on screen in the adaptation of his ex-wife’s book about their life together. Beginning in...

When it rains, it pours. This is exactly what young screenwriter Bill Kennedy learned when he started his first season on House of Cards and it was...

How do you get an A-list actor to fall in love with your characters?

I spent a year interviewing major actor's p...

How to write a screenplay -- Is there a formula?

 There's a quote I've heard around Hollywood many times -- "Every writer is just one script away f...

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ScreenwritingU Alum JoAnn Hess (ProSeries 43, MSC 3) lands two writing assignments for producer

ScreenwritingU Alum, Kyle Carmean (ProSeries 48) had his screenplay optioned by Producer

ScreenwritingU Alum, Michael Alberstadt (ProSeries 35) has been hired by Valiant Films, LLC to write a feature-length screenplay

12/11/14 to 01/15/15
Ever had a movie change your life?    If so, you know that it is possible for someone to write a profound screenplay...  
01/4/15 to 06/4/15

Six month online class that covers 300 professional level skills, as you write the best script of your life so far.

01/11/15 to 03/25/16
02/9/15 to 04/13/15

In 10 weeks, you'll go through the steps of a professional rewrite. If you want to place high in a major contest or need to do a rewrite before sending your script to agents, managers, or producers, this class will give you the tools to do it.