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More that 60 years ago novelist Patricia Highsmith wrote a controversial book about a relationship between two women in New York City in the late 1...

How do you get an A-list actor to fall in love with your characters?

I spent a year interviewing major actor's p...

It is the easiest mistake to make in screenplay dialogue -- having your characters tell exactly what is going on in their emotions and thoughts.  ...

ScreenwritingU Alum Viki Posidis (ProSeries 14) has signed contracts to co-write and co-develop both a feature film and the accompanying television series based on

ScreenwritingU Alumni Don Fried (ProSeries 38 ) and Mike Fuhrmann (ProSeries 27) ha

Swiss filmmaker Remo Pimi has optioned ScreenwritingU Alum Lynn Dickinson’s (ProSeries 18) script “Brother Haters Anon

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What do MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, the TV show LOST, and the show ALIAS have in common?

They were all directed -- and written by -- J.J. Abrams.

12/1/15 to 12/23/15

How do you get a producer, agent, manager, or A-list actor to fall in love with your characters? Learn the 9 Actor Attractors!

12/1/15 to 06/30/17
12/14/15 to 12/23/05

If you’re like most screenwriters, you’re likely confused about subtext. You know you need it in your script. You may be able to recognize it in a professional screenplay.