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“What they went through was just incredible. I’d watch for hours as Leo was just laying submerged in an icy river,” says screenwriter Mark L. Smith...

People love action and they love to laugh. Merge the two and you have a great scene -- maybe even a great screenplay.

Just so you know, I'm...

If you stand outside a theater as a movie lets out, you’ll see that one out of four people are on their phone.  They are either talking with a frie...

ScreenwritingU Alum Gabriell DeBear Paye (ProSeries 34 and MSC 2) had her biopic, based on a book about Biologist

ScreenwritingU Alum Thomas Bauer ( ProSeries 46 and MSC 3) has been hired by producer

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05/31/16 to 08/8/16

In 10 weeks, you'll go through the steps of a professional rewrite. If you want to place high in a major contest or need to do a rewrite before sending your script to agents, managers, or producers, this class will give you the tools to do it.

06/1/16 to 06/10/16

Advertisers say "sex sells," but in the movie business, many readers, producers, actors enjoy good comedy more than sex in screenplays.

06/8/16 to 06/17/16

If you’re like most screenwriters, you’re likely confused about subtext. You know you need it in your script. You may be able to recognize it in a professional screenplay.

06/12/16 to 12/20/16

Six month online class that covers 300 professional level skills, as you write the best script of your life so far.